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Dear Friends in Faith,

The fast-moving corona virus response is making us rethink our plans. With the schools and the Child Care closing, Faith Lutheran will dial back activities more than we had planned. We will cancel most activities beyond worship for the next few weeks, and decide further as we know more.

We WILL have worship at Faith on Saturday and Sunday, and for our Wednesday Lenten Services. However, this will not be life as usual as we practice social distancing. We ask you to come into church and wash your hands right away. Please don’t gather in the back to talk, but find a seat in the church, at least 10 or 15 feet from people not in your immediate family. We really want to keep each other safe, so we don’t want to get close or shake hands for the peace or other greetings.

If you are immune compromised or aged 65+ I would recommend being very careful. For many of you, it may make sense to stay home from church and remain isolated in your house for at least several weeks while we discover how bad that this will become. We will miss you, but we really want you to be safe! If you do decide to stay at home for a while, please call or email Martha in the church office so we can keep in touch with you that way.

Our greatest task now is to keep each other safe, and to be in touch with each other so that people have their needs met. Please have in mind our older members and those who may have a need for food, medicine, or other supplies. Call them from time to time to see if they have any needs, and see how we can help them or bring things to them. Remember family, friends, co-workers, and your Faith Family. And pray for all those who are sick, and for those who struggle with loneliness, frustration, and need for income if they can’t work.

God be with you as we journey through this time together, and at a distance!

Yours in Christ, Pastor John