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It is getting too cold for outdoor worship services, so we will experiment with some indoor services starting the first and third weekends of November. We will see how those go and decide what to do after that. We do this cautiously, because the risk of Covid transmission is greater when we gather indoors.

We will meet at our traditional times at 5 p.m. Saturday evening and 8:15 and 10:45 Sunday morning. Everyone will need to wear masks, sit in household groups, and keep their distance. Every third pew is marked with a color for each service. We will not be able to sing or speak the prayers or creed out loud together when we are inside. (You can whisper along with songs and speech if you wish.) We will close with communion at each service.

Our goal is to keep these services safe and short. We should be able to spread out enough if we have moderate numbers at the services. You can greet each other in the parking lot outside, where conversations with some distance are safer.

I am sure that these services will feel restricted and strange in many ways. But we think it is important to see one another, and gather in the safest ways that we know how. We will need volunteers to help us wipe down door knobs, and bathrooms after each service, to protect the next group. Please let us know if you have insights on how to keep one another safe in this time.