What to expect when you come to Faith Lutheran for worship.

At Faith Lutheran Church you will find friendly people and relaxed, traditional worship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like?  As Lutherans, we follow a liturgy, with a similar structure for worship each week. We greet one another, sing, pray, hear Bible readings and a sermon. You will catch on quickly - Ask someone near you if you have any questions!

What about my kids? We love kids at Faith Lutheran! They bring energy and joy, and lots of smiles. Don't worry if a child is busy or making a joyful noise. We want them there with us! If they need a break, you can take them to the restroom or to the nursery in the back where they can settle down and come back.

Where do I park? There is lots of parking in front of the church, and more behind it as well. There are no reserved places, and no reserved seats. Just come and join us!

What do I wear? People wear a whole range of clothes to church, and that is OK. Sometimes we see T-shirts and jeans, and occasionally someone will wear a tie or a dress. We come to worship Jesus and be with his people, and not to put on a show. Come as you are, and feel at home with us.

How can I get connected? People will greet you and find out what you are interested in. Talk to the pastor, and he will try to help. Ask lots of questions - we are glad that you want to know more!